Frequently asked questions about buying cars in the US, importation and transportation.

Where in the USA do you purchase cars?

“We buy cars in all US states and in Canada.” So far, we have purchased and delivered approximately 700 hand-selected cars on behalf of our clients from 47 states in the USA and from many locations in Canada.

How is the payment processed?

Through our US bank, we are able to offer secure payments on behalf of our clients and also meet the seller’s preference for payment method.

Will someone inspect the car before purchase?

We offer and encourage inspections of all cars before purchase.

What kind of warranty do I have?

We guarantee a secure transaction and that our description of the car is accurate.

Do you only purchase classic cars?

We purchase the cars our customers request. All cars are hand-selected for each individual customer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a modern car, a classic car, or a hot rod.

What does it cost?

The total cost is tied to the purchase price of the car, the type of car, its location, and the terms of the deal. That’s why it’s difficult to give a short answer to the question. You are welcome to contact us by submitting an inquiry or pressing the button below. Then we will get back to you and we can discuss the costs.

Are classic cars duty-free?

Classic cars older than 30 years in original condition are usually exempt from customs duties in the EU and can be imported with a lower VAT.

Is the car insured during transportation?

All cars are insured during transportation from the time they are picked up until they are delivered to the customer.

Can you arrange enclosed transport?

We can arrange enclosed transportation from most locations to the terminal in the USA.

What is the process of the inspection?

We go through over 100+ points on the cars, including taking them for a test drive and photographing them in detail. If a lift is available, we lift the car for an inspection of the undercarriage.

How is the car transported?

All cars are transported from the respective seller on a trailer to the appropriate shipping terminal. We can also offer covered transportation from most locations if the customer requests it. At the terminal, the car is loaded into a container for further transportation to your location.

Can you assist with the registration inspection?

We can assist with the registration inspection in Sweden. However, we will provide the buyer with the necessary documents for registration in the respective country.

Can one trust the seller?

Buying a car from another country requires experience and care, and by hiring a professional and experienced importer, you avoid falling into pitfalls. If you want our help, we guarantee you a safe deal and we inspect the car before purchase. Then it will be our description that forms the basis for your purchase decision, not the seller’s. It is easy to find cars on the internet, but there are also many false offers circulating on the internet. Fake offers are usually recognizable by the fact that the car’s price is unreasonably cheap, and the seller can only be reached by email due to an obstacle, e.g. the seller is working in an inaccessible location, the seller offers shipping for inspection and the right of return after payment. A good tip is to compare the price with advertisements for similar cars and go directly to the larger classifieds pages instead of using search engines. You will receive links to some of the larger classifieds pages when you submit your expression of interest.