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Veteranbil på en flakbärgare

Mässing & Nickel – May 22, 2024

1920 Velie Model 34 Touring
Buyer: Vicki Graves, Moline, Illinois, USA

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Reportage om importerad Ford i tidningen Nostalgia

Nostalgia no. 3 – 2024

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL
Buyer: Peter Ardéhn, Vendelsö

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1968 Mercury Cougar Mustang imported to Sweden

Nostalgia nr 1 – 2024

1968 Mercury Cougar XR7
Customer: Max Hooshidar, Åkersberga

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Old Volvo car imported by Door2door

Nostalgia no. 10 – 2023

1965 Volvo Duet
Customer: Peter & Carola Eklund, Hallabro

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Press photo from Småladsposten 30 May 2023

Smålandsposten – 30 may 2023

1965 Volvo Duet
Customer: Peter & Carola Eklund, Hallabro

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Magazine Cover with a Door2Door imported car from the USA

Klassiker 1 – 2018

1979 Dodge Li’l Red Express
Customer: Stephan Dorsch, Sundbyberg, Sweden

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two black cadillacs by the sea on the cover of a magazine

Classic Motor 8 – 2018

1948 Cadillac convertible
Customer: Kjell Svensson, Lidköping

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car cover spotted at the port

Bilsport Classic10 – 2018

1957 Pontiac Bonneville convertible
Customer: Görgen Asp, Ljungbyholm

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magazine cover with a happy customer who bought a camaro

Nostalgia nr 12 – 2018

1967 Chevrolet Camaro
Customer: Christian Nordin, Tandbyn

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Make a safe car deal in the USA with Door2Door's import guide, a ship will arrive loaded.

USA-Klassiker 1 – 2015

Article about Door2Door CarBroker in the Swedish magazine USA-Klassiker!

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import usa car barometer news kalmar newspaper front page Door2Door


1966 Ford Mustang convertible
Kund: Evert Strandell, Kalmar

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Wheels 5 – 2012

Read about Door2Door Car Broker and car import from the USA.

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From The Wall Street Journal: "Driving a Volvo Not for These Swedes."

The Wall Street Journal

Read about Door2Door Car Broker and Swedes’ interest in US cars.

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Import car from USA, e.g. a 1920 Velle Touring Model 34

Nostalgia No. 9 – 2011

1920 Velie Model 34 Touring

Seller: Ulla Ågren, Uppsala
Buyer: Vicki Graves, Moline, IL, USA

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Author and photography: Bengt Aronsson

world custom magazine cover with imported car

World kustom on Krantz´ Challenge

Läs om Krantz Challenge i tidningen World Kustom där en importerade där 1948 Buick Sedanette som Door2Door importerat vann första pris.

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